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After Lunch, Desserts, and Snacks

The highlight of South African living is that breakfast, desserts, snacks, and drinks. Easy to please anyone. Breakfast varies between "mielie pap" and "biscuit". "Mieliepap" is that the same consistency as polenta and served with a teaspoon of sugar, butter, and milk. an excellent creamy and healthy breakfast to ascertain you thru the morning hours. "Biscuit" is rusks, dough baked within the oven, broken apart then places back within the oven to dry out. the right breakfast, especially for those living on farms, is hand-crafted rusks, dunked into your morning coffee. If you're more of a tea lover, try the good local herb tea called "rooibos"

During the morning you'll chew on some "biltong" which is the salty dried meat or "droƫwors", which is dried sausage. you'll not watch any rugby or match without this salty snack. By now it's time for more coffee served with banana, ginger of mealie bread, smeared with butter. Mealie bread maybe a sweet bread, baked with sweet corn. you'll probably wonder why we've such an obsession with mealies? Well, mealies basically are Africa's staple food. We use it to form breakfast, bread, crisps (or chips) and lots more.

After you finish this, it's time for your main meal of the day. then the simplest course arrives at the dessert. Most puddings are baked pies served with custard and frozen dessert or a special sauce. Malva pudding is one among the old-time favorites, a great, sweet-tasting spongy apricot dessert with a stunning sweet sauce. Cottage pudding may be a sort of cake pudding served with a special wine sauce.

If you favor a colder dessert, this is often the place to be. Enjoy a fresh salad with frozen dessert, made up of local seasonal fruit. the foremost famous fruits are grapes, apples, naartjies (a sort of tangerine), peaches, apricots, mangoes, melons and lots of more. there's nothing more refreshing than a fresh salad. If you wish a frozen dessert, there are special treats future for you also. Try the watermelon or papaya flavored frozen dessert during a cone or on its own.

As a special treat, why not try a Dom Pedro? this is often frozen dessert with a touch drop of milk and an attempt of your favorite whiskey of liqueur. Try Amarula liqueur, made up of the potent marula fruit or van der Hum liqueur, made up of fresh naartjies. this is often a treat you ought to not expire.

Later the afternoon you'll enjoy some "koeksisters", a really sweet delicacy. Afrikaans "koeksisters" are twisted pastries, deep-fried then sweetened with a really sweet sauce. Another favorite of mine is "ystervarkies", a cake, dunked during a hand-crafted chocolate syrup, rolled in coconut! Doesn't that just sound magnificent?

If you favor something less sweet, try the "melktert" (milk tart). this is often a milk-based tart, absolutely gorgeous if you eat it warm, even as it's made. If you would like something savory, try the "souttert" (savoury tart) consisting mostly of vienna sausages, cheese, onions, herbs and egg.

For the evening you'll enjoy one of the simplest known foods, "vetkoek". this is often a treat. you'll enjoy "vetkoek" in 3 ways. Dunk it in your tea, butter with syrup and cheese or full of curry mince. regardless of which one you select, you'll not be disappointed. If you're trying to find something smaller, try the "plaatkoekies" (almost like crumpets) served with marmite or syrup or even try some pancakes with cinnamon sugar?

During the day you'll never go thirsty. If you wish warm drinks, there are various sorts of strong coffees, regular tea, "rooibos" tea, cocoa and my favorite, milo. this is often an excellent drink crammed with vitamins and minerals, made with warm or cold milk. If you favor cold drinks, try the varied ice teas and fruit juices. Guava, orange, grinadella, cocktail, grape, peach, pear, apple, apricot and mango are only a couple of choices you've got in fruit juices. Guava and mango must be two of the foremost loved choices.

If you're trying to find a bottle of wine to accompany you meals, there are many local Cape wines to settle on from. you'll be spoilt for choice. confirm you are trying the maximum amount as you'll and luxuriate in the hospitality while you're visiting the rainbow country, South Africa.

These are only a couple of the good traditional South African recipes you'll try. you'll need an extended time to undertake all of them. Enjoy!

Lizel Salter may be a keen food lover and therefore the author of Simply South African, an excellent traditional recipe book with all those great favorites. Read more about South Africa and appearance at the book by visiting